Sunday, December 30, 2012

Installous closes: Hit the iOS piracy

Today's news is not the expected one. Nor is it a joke April Fool's Day. This is an official statement, the group behind Installous Cydia tweak. Yes, that is primarily responsible for piracy Apple devices.

We have always tried to make clear the difference between jailbreaking and pirating of applications, so we will emphasize this: do jailbreak your iPad or iPhone is nothing illegal. In fact, it is a practice that allows your device to provide new opportunities, paradoxically, in the end Apple has finally accepted and incorporated into the new versions of iOS.

Well, it has been reported that it Installous comes to an end, as the little activity that their community has made ​​them make the decision. The main beneficiaries of this story are iOS developers, who will now have to worry a little less by hacking into their applications.

installous cierra puertas 489x350 Installous cierra sus puertas: Golpe a la piraterĂ­a en iOS

Obviously, soon will new platforms that will help the application hacking into Apple devices (and indeed there are alternatives that do not even need jailbreak), but will remain illegal and a health scourge of the App Store.

There are users who hide Installous saying used to test an application before deciding to pay for it, but I think the system recommendations, ratings and reviews of the App Store is rugged enough to know if an application is going to disappoint or not.

What do you think? Is this a good or bad news for you? How long to leave an alternative to Installous?

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