Friday, December 21, 2012

Instagram rectify their conditions of use

During the last days, things have been tense for Instagram . We know that recently the social network to share photos had announced a change in its terms of use, including taboo words as "advertising" bleeding linked to concepts such as "your photos".

Well, this has led to numerous complaints and account closures in mass, which has scared enough to Instagram. In fact, today have rushed back to the original terms and conditions.

Kevin Systrom, the mastermind behind Instagram, has admitted in his blog that the controversial part of the text that spoke of advertising and user photos going back to your statement of 2010, which was more or less clear what meant.

instagram cambia condiciones uso 484x350 Instagram rectifica con sus condiciones de uso

After apologizing for all the mess that has been mounted, blames failure of interpretation by users. However, they blame themselves for not being able to clearly explain their intentions in the text.

Apparently, the new text talking about advertising and how this was linked with the photos of users. Things got ugly when they became suspicious about the possibility of including ads in the photos, which obviously does not make any grace to the group of users.

So you can rest easy: for now, Instagram is not going to change their terms and conditions of use, at least in the aspect concerning advertising. What we can see are small changes in the wording of the text so that everything is clear.

What do you think? Had you canceled your Instagram account of hearing the news the other day?

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