Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Instagram 3.2, lots of lights and a pair of shades

instagram Instagram 3.2, muchas luces y un par de sombras

Instagram Times are exciting, and they seem absolutely determined to become independent from Twitter and try to retain their users without requiring them to go through the social network of the bird. To get eliminated part of its ties with Twitter and now bring an update very requested by users. Will it work?

Improved camera

Where more focused equipment is commanded by Kevin Systrom improve the display and processing takes photographs as much needed improvements had suffered for over one year. With update 3.2 the iPhone 5 looks like now if that takes advantage of all the screen to process the photos, something that had not happened since the hearing simply stretched to fit the screen of the new iPhone.

The design of the filter selection has been renewed for good, leaving the anterior aspect of something old style but otherwise left in the ink a chance to see the thumbnails with the filter already applied to select it instead of seeing a generic, which was being sued and they really have not wanted to, known or able to implement in this version. What they have got is a new black and white filter called Willow, you can see it in the capture of the main image.

The last interesting note about the new features of the app is that now the photos are stored in an album called Instagram. Spectacular has reached almost 2013 and we still had mixed pictures out there on the iPhone.

Two negatives

instagram2 Instagram 3.2, muchas luces y un par de sombras

Not everything could be good, and I'll start something that I was rather surprised it has improved for the better: the notifications screen. Personally I think that the design has changed for the worse and is now much more rough and overwhelming, unexplainable step back when we see the great work done to screen and process take photographs. There is no explanation.

On the other hand the negative review I want is for the user to divorce Twitter - Instagram. You have probably already heard as Twitter can not directly display Instagram photos, something that Twitter has responded with an update to its app that includes the ability to provide filters to photos (yes, we will look at shortly). At the end we will not know which app to use, and I'm seeing come-hopefully-not that many casual users will give up by not directly display Instagram photos on Twitter.

389801252 Instagram 3.2, muchas luces y un par de sombras Instagram
Developer: Burbn, inc.
Price: free (Download application)

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