Friday, December 7, 2012

Infinidock, Infinifolders Infiniboard and making it compatible with iOS update 6 (Cydia)

infinifolders infinidock Infinidock, Infiniboard y Infinifolders se actualizan haciƩndose compatibles con iOS 6 (Cydia)

The Cydia tweaks of chpwn are, in my opinion, the best we can find in the jailbreak scene, starting and continuing with Infinidock Zephyr or Infinifolders.

The Infiniapps, as he calls the set of Infinidock, Infinifolders and Infiniboard, recently updated to version 2.0. Have been rewritten from scratch to run on iOS 5 and iOS 6. The amendments retain all their features, and have added some new features like bounce and settings side scroll bars. Also noteworthy is that many bugs have been fixed in the three modifications. And one more thing, before applications were a bit limited for not affecting performance, with the new architecture performance is not affected and are now really "infinite". Improved compatibility with other extensions.

Infinifolders lets users scroll vertically within folders and therefore have "infinite" folder icons (the current limit is 12 icons per folder, 16 for the iPhone 5). Very useful for not having to put multiple folders with the same name.

Infiniboard does the same but in the Springboard, you can scroll vertically and fill each page of applications. And Infinidock, as we can imagine, does the same with the dock, lets put more icons in the dock and even several pages of icons.

I usually use Infinifolders Infinifolders on the iPhone and the iPad and Infinidock. I find both very useful. The other day we told you about Wraparound, a modification that can go from the last page to Spotlight, so your Springboard also may be infinite.

More - Wraparound: changes from the last page of Springboard to Spotlight and backward (Cydia)

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