Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to open the garage door with Siri

One of the things I like about Apple is the inventiveness of its user community. As you know, in the field of software modifications come from the hand of the hacker group that allows the jailbreak. However, we are gradually seeing changes that are really imaginative hardware to extend the applications of Apple products.

For example, TIME magazine has collected between the main technological innovations of the year the Raspberry Pi microcontroller, which is rapidly gaining popularity for its enormous possibilities to our small projects.

And what has this to do with Apple? Very simple, we can use the power of Apple products in conjunction with this famous microcontroller, to take unexpected applications that facilitate the lives of more than one. For example, today we present an application in which the interface use Siri to open a garage door.

siri microcontrolador garaje 650x295 Cómo abrir la puerta del garaje con Siri

This is done as follows. We can use Siri Proxy, a plugin that allows you to use Siri Cydia on banned devices like the iPhone 4 that have done jailbreak. With it, the microcontroller Raspberry Pi sends a signal indicating that we want to open the garage. The microcontroller will interpret this signal and the trigger mechanism of the door opening.

Although not easy to install, anyone with patience and time can do. You need to connect the iPhone with Siri to the same WiFi network as the microcontroller Raspberry Pi. Do any of you encouraged? Do you know this device and have done a project with him? What other applications can you think of for this technological partner? To me a few ...

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