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How to force the closure of an App for iPad iOS unresponsive in June

cierre forzado app ipad Cómo Forzar el Cierre de una App para iPad que No Responde en iOS 6

The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are fantastic devices and powerful, we know. However, everyone should know by now that smartphones like the iPhone have transcended from being just a normal mobile phone, for mini laptops. To have Internet, play games or check email instantly is great, but unfortunately, also inherit some problems of the computer, such as the application hang and no response from the device.

Most iOS device users already know that if an application freezes and screen, we can turn the device off and back on without more, but there is a simpler and more effective force to close an application and return to the home screen.

Steps to close an application that has been on display and unresponsive

1. First, make sure that you can not exit the application with a simple click on the start button or pressing it twice and selecting a different application in the multitasking bar.

2. If step 1 does not work and the application is stuck on the screen, press and hold the lock button located on the top of the device until the slide to power off the device.

cierre forzado app ipad 2 Cómo Forzar el Cierre de una App para iPad que No Responde en iOS 6

3. When the slide to power off, release the lock button and immediately press and hold the home button.

4. After keeping the start button pressed for a few seconds, the annoying application that has been hanging screen disappears and the device returns to the home screen.

cierre forzado app ipad 3 Cómo Forzar el Cierre de una App para iPad que No Responde en iOS 6

It is not often that this happens on an iOS device, but it's still a neat trick that can not miss in your collection.

If things get very complicated and this method can not close the hung application, you have the option to hold the lock and home buttons together for site seconds, and force a restart of the device to the beast, which will eradicate most software problems.

We hope you have been useful.

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