Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Enable Application topographic view on Google Maps [Jailbreak]

Ryan Petrich is back at it again, this time releasing a jailbreak that allows Topography enable mode found hidden in the recent implementation of Google Maps. The tweak, available through its beta repo in Cydia, add a fourth option in the sidebar that enables Topography sight.

Vista topografica Google Maps 477x350 Cómo Habilitar la Vista Topográfica en la Aplicación de Google Maps [Jailbreak]

This means that the way that enables this trick Topography was already included by default in the Google Maps application, which begs the question: why Google decided to keep this option disabled public version of the application? Well we do not know, but with this trick you can activate the quick and easy way.

Here's a demo video:

If you want to try Topography mode in Google Maps, just open Cydia and add the repo to your sources Petrich. Its repo is:

Once added, you just have to install the "Topography" for Google Maps, which, of course, is free.

Do not forget that there is also a tweak to configure Google Maps application as your default maps in iOS .

What do you think of Google's decision to hide this way in the public version of the application? If you do not want or have jailbroken, you can always read our 10 tips to make the most of Google Maps application.

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