Monday, December 31, 2012

Hackulous closes its doors and with it comes the end of Installous and AppSync

Since yesterday, many developers are in luck, because his best wishes have come true. The downloadable application from Cydia, Installous, from which iOS users who have done the jailbreak on your device could download for free almost any application that was in the App Store, has closed its doors.


Just yesterday we announced since Twitter , but if you follow us from the social network, here you have the translation of the letter published Hackulous, the team behind Installous, stating the reasons for closure, through its own website .

The few lines which directed users explained the reasons for this:

We are very sad to announce that Hackulous closes. After many years, our community has stagnated and our forums have become a sort of ghost town. It has become a difficult task to keep them afloat and moderate them properly, despite the devotion of our staff. We are incredibly pleased with the support that you gave us all these years and we hope that our absence encourage the birth of new larger communities.

With love,

Hackulous team.

For those not familiar with the world that brings having a jailbroken iOS device, say there infinity of possibilities open to the device, in the form of amendments to the operating system on many levels: the display appearance, new functionalities through the multitude of tweaks downloadable from Cydia and (unfortunately) some that facilitated piracy as AppSync or Installous.

Pantalla principal Installous

Thus, it follows that for years perfectly, application developers have had to iOS Hackulous as his "archenemy" number one, seeing how an application may require thousands of euros in its creation and development, appeared for free a single "tap" of illegal downloading.

For this reason, the closure of this community is a big blow to piracy, one of the goals for Apple forever, ending the current year not only with graphics very favorable in terms of sales of its products, but also dismisses 2012 with a big win in terms of its main competitor official app store App Store, which was, for many years, Installous.

Many will think that as Installous there (or will) thousand new, but bear in mind that to use the IPA's pirates had to have installed AppSync, complement allowing load those applications, so by closing Hackulous also paralyzes AppSync updating for future firmwares.

No doubt great news for all iOS developers, as there is no excuse for stealing an application that costs € 0.89, especially after buying a device over 400 €.

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