Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hackers jailbreak iOS speak of 6 in "Hack in the Box"

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About a month ago we told you that hackers most famous scene of the iPhone and iOS in general gathered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), to discuss the jailbreak of iOS 6, among other things.

Now the organizers of the Conference on Security Hack in the Box have uploaded a full video chat to Youtube, takes about an hour, but if you will not see it all or do not understand English you're going to do a summary:

In the video we can see from left to right Mark Dowd (Azimuth Security), pod2g (Chronic Dev Team) L33tdawg (HITB CEO and moderator), MuscleNerd (iPhone Dev Team) and Planetbeing (iPhone Dev Team). All but the moderator are working on the jailbreak of iOS 6.

We discussed several topics, one of which is the subject of hacking basebands to release the iPhone via software type Ultrasn0w, MuscleNerd has said that it no longer makes sense because iPhones can easily unlock by IMEI, is permanent, is legal and is a much better solution that does not even need to jailbreak. We already told you about a few weeks of this type of release, which you can get for about 8 € in online stores like the ones I discussed. So do not wait for upcoming software releases, nobody is working on it.

Mark Dowd, security expert, says that Apple has reviewed safety fine in iOS 6, making it much more difficult to find kernel exploits type compared to earlier versions of iOS.

Apparently pod2g that has been very busy lately with his real job, but that has started (remember that this happened a month ago already) to find a way to jailbreak iOS 6. He is working as usual to find a Userland jailbreak the type, the kind that close quickly with an update but serve to all devices.

As there is more news we will inform you.

Source - IDB

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