Monday, December 3, 2012

Growing traffic social applications on mobile devices

Today we bring you one of those Nielsen statistics that we love. Specifically, the company is dedicated to analyzing the behavior of users on the network, where it comes from and where your traffic is going and how long they spend online.

The latest figures speak about a significant increase in the so-called social media in the United States. Specifically, about a third of the time that users spend on social networks and blogs, do so from a mobile device.

crece trafico apps sociales 1 Crece el tráfico en aplicaciones sociales desde dispositivos móviles

Moreover, users who use their smartphones and tablets to consume social content are responsible for up to 63 percent of the growth of social media in the last year.

What is really interesting is that about half of the users who connect to social media, do it from devices like the iPhone. In comparison, PC connections to these applications have fallen by four percent.

 Crece el tráfico en aplicaciones sociales desde dispositivos móviles

The most successful applications that you can imagine the. This is Facebook, with 152.2 million users in the United States, 78.4 million mobile accesses from the app, and 74.3 million users connecting via the Web from their smartphones or tablet.

Another that has grown over the past year is Pinterest. In addition, a fact that has attracted attention is the following: 44 percent of users of tablets like the iPad, and 38 percent of smartphone users in the United States, use their devices while watching TV .

What do you think? You notice around you? These increased access to social media sites?

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