Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google will stop supporting the Gmail account configured as Exchange from January 30

One way to set up a Gmail account on our iOS device was using Exchange, a service that allowed us, in addition to push notifications of emails, sync with Google to keep our contacts and calendars.

ios 6 exchange

As of January 30, we will not have support for this service, having to set up our Google accounts as IMAP. And how does this affect us?

Basically in receiving our emails from Gmail. From now on, we will have to access and manually refresh the inbox to receive new emails. Moreover, if you manage them your contacts and calendars in your Google account you will leave having synchronization, so if you depend on this service and iOS users are, perhaps you should take advantage of the Christmas holidays to manage all this information in iCloud, which is very comfortable if you have several Apple products.

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