Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google will no longer support Exchange Active Sync on iPhone

add mail account Google dejará de dar soporte de Exchange Active Sync en el iPhone

It was just announced that in the next few days Google will no longer support Exchange Active Sync protocol (EAS), which those who do not use an Android smartphone will have it a little more complicated to get synchronize your Gmail account, including mail, calendars , or contact list. A move by Google against Apple.

These three protocols will be needed for the iPhone from next January 30:

  • IMAP: Mail
  • CalDAV: Calendar
  • CardDAV: Contacts

This will be mandatory for the iPhone from that date when using the Mail application If the user uses the application's own Gmail, you can avoid using the IMAP protocol. Worse I have a Windows Phone owners who do not have (or will have, according to the announcement of Google) Gmail app or Google Drive on your platform. It restricts and one of the best options available to the iPhone, and is to be unified in a single application all mail user, and also fully functional, whether Yahoo, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, or other.

Google has also developed a support page that answers common questions from users with questions about this new system. ActiveSync, created by Microsoft, is the simplest and most effective way to manage different types of accounts on different devices. And Google, which sometimes continues taking steps hard to explain, no longer bear. In any case, it is difficult to use a mail server whose strong point is that it is open to the detriment of others like himself iCloud.

For when it's time to download the free Gmail from the App Store, if you will support the protocol, can this a Google for 'Androidzar' our terminals Apple?

What do you think this action by Google?

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