Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google Supports Google Maps for iOS is better than Android version

google maps ios Google Admite Google Maps para iOS es Mejor que la VersiĆ³n de Android

Surely by now we all know that Google has finally released its Maps application for iOS. So far this application is available for iPhone, but it's just a matter of time to appear adapted to the iPad screen and will also be compatible with the iPad Mini.

The first criticism he is receiving the application are really good. It seems that Google has done very well the duties and the new application is really enjoying the users who have already tried. The application includes features like Google Street View, traffic information, information on public transport and even the function of voice-guided navigation, something very interesting for many users.

Google believes that the Google Maps app for iOS is better than Android version

David Pogue, a New York Times columnist who has very good relationship with large companies like Google and apparently has some more information on the application.

After contacting Google, Pogue wrote that Google consider this new application is much better than Android includes its own operating system for smartphones and tablets. Definitely curious result that the creator of the application for competitive devices say something, but it shows how proud they are of creation.

In addition, Google also admits that they are working on a version for iPad will come at some point, although not yet confirmed any specific date.

The new Google Maps application for iPhene has a very clean interface, navigation is quick maps (vector-based) and everything loads quite quickly. It also has interesting features that were not present in the application that Apple included to iOS 5, for example, guided navigation.

Unfortunately, Google Maps is a third party application, so it is not a total solution. You can not use the app using Siri and if we click on a link in the calendar or address on the Internet, run the iOS mapping application from Apple instead of the new Google Maps, a real shame, but Google seems to want to minimize this opening an API for iOS application developers can use Google Maps when needed.

Undoubtedly, the arrival of Google Maps for iOS, or rather his return is good news. This will surely react to Apple and see how intensified development work of their maps to try to compete with Google maps. At least this would be the most logical.

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