Thursday, December 20, 2012

Google Maps iOS Increases Adoption of 6

google maps ios 6 Google Maps Aumenta la Adopción de iOS 6

A few days ago we mentioned that the arrival of the Google Maps application had not made ​​up the adoption of iOS 6 . Well, it seems that now is a shift in this trend. As we know the arrival of Google Maps for iOS has been received with open arms by users, standing as the most downloaded application in just hours. Apple says more than 10 million people downloaded the Google Maps app in just 48 hours. According to some reports, Apple maps are to blame for that many users have decided not to upgrade to iOS 6 . But now that Google Maps is here, it seems that this is beginning to change.

MoPub conducted a study, obtaining data through 12,000 applications, which detects an increase in the adoption of iOS 6 an impressive 29% only five days after the release of Google Maps.

Said Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub to TechCrunch:

"We have seen since the launch of Google Maps up 30% of users who have upgraded to iOS 6, and we believe it is related to the launch of the application.

It verifies the hypothesis that people were waiting for him to improve Apple's maps application or to leave Google. "

Google Maps for iOS now available for iPhone, including Google maps, traffic information and voice guided navigation. Of course, the application is free. Still do not have it installed?

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