Friday, December 14, 2012

Google launches new Chrome update to iOS

 Google lanza una nueva actualizaciĆ³n de Chrome para iOS

We have one month in which Google is showing that iOS users continue to be important despite decisions by Apple to put aside the search engine company.

Yesterday I discovered the new Google Maps app for iPhone and today we bring you the news that Chrome browser has been updated with a very interesting feature: the p osibilidad to play sounds when in the background.

This can be used for video players and online music. For example, we can use the web version of YouTube to play a music video and leave it in the background to keep listening to the song while doing something else. I mention YouTube but in fact, the same applies to any other service.

Besides the improvement already mentioned, the new version of Chrome resolves a caractere s coding that appear after loading very specific sites.

You can download the new version of Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad by clicking the following link:

535886823 Google lanza una nueva actualizaciĆ³n de Chrome para iOS Chrome
Developer: Google, Inc.
Price: free (Download application)

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