Saturday, December 22, 2012

Google is making its own smartphone to compete with Apple and Samsung

No one is aware that Android is doing things quite well, mainly attracting some Apple users who have been unhappy for the past indiscretions of iOS. However, the most desired smartphone in the world is still the iPhone 5, or so the polls reflect.

However, what if the engineers at Motorola Mobility branch, recently purchased by Google, were already working on a mysterious project called "X-Phone"? What if the primary objective of the American company was completely annihilate your competition?

Although it may seem exaggerated, this is what some Wall Street analysts are suggesting. For example, Amir Efrati reports that the new device will be extremely sophisticated and will be launched next year. Moreover, its main competitor is the Apple smartphone, whatever the model that is currently on the market.

google fabricando x phone Google estarĂ­a fabricando un smartphone propio para competir con Apple y Samsung

Only seven months ago that Google bought Motorola for 12 and a half billion dollars. Now, I have been commissioned to design a high-end smartphone, known as "X-Phone", although they are finding few problems in his career.

Two fronts now open for Motorola engineers: first, a smartphone that is sold in conjunction with the operator Verizon Wireless, on the other hand a "X-Phone" and "X-Tablet" that would come to be turned upside up the world of mobile devices.

The project is well under way, but Google is encountering major problems caused by the shortage of materials and processes failures in the manufacturing chain.

What do you think? Should Apple be scared of this new initiative from Google, or should remain calm and focus on improving their technology?

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