Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Announces Google Maps fanfare in the Search for iPhone (web) in iOS

Google Maps iPhone1 366x650 Google Anuncia a Bombo y Platillo Google Maps para iPhone en la Búsqueda (web) en iOS

Google Maps for iPhone is put on top of the App Store in just seven hours, and now Google has confirmed that the application was downloaded over 10 million times in less than 48 hours. Menudos numbers!. People clearly was desperate for the triumphant return of Google Maps to iOS, but how many downloads are the result of Google's own promotion?

It is not new that Google makes it impossible to send an address from their web search service to Apple maps (having to manually copy and paste the address or use Google Maps on web version), but during the weekend we realized that Google had begun to heavily promote the new Google Maps application with banners and buttons in fullscreen floating search the web through the iPhone.

Google Maps iPhone 2 529x350 Google Anuncia a Bombo y Platillo Google Maps para iPhone en la Búsqueda (web) en iOS

A full screen ad with a prominent link to visit the App Store is shown the first time you review a location in web search results on the iPhone. We've tried and the announcement comes only the first time you try to get an address with Google. The next time you see is a link at the top to get the application or send to the same address.

Google Maps iPhone 3 459x350 Google Anuncia a Bombo y Platillo Google Maps para iPhone en la Búsqueda (web) en iOS

Apple moved away from Google maps to incorporate their own when it launched the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but both companies have had to work together so that the Google Maps application to become a reality in the App Store. At the end of the users what they want is to have options, and both companies realize that. Criticism of Apple maps have been so strong that Apple would be fatal if it had allowed the return of Google Maps to iOS.

If someone uses Google search in Safari to get an address on the iPhone, that person could get the address and directions to your destination using Google Maps without ever coming to use Apple's maps. Google handles a large amount of information from its search engine, which comes as default in Safari. Who knows how long this will allow Apple.

Since Google Maps app is not optimized for the iPad, these ads do not appear when searching the Apple tablet.

As you know, Google Maps is available for free in the App Store, and has a rating of 4.5 / 5. Not bad Google!

Do you have already downloaded the?

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