Saturday, December 22, 2012

Google and its Great Apps for iOS

Lately we are seeing in Google have put the batteries that are creating applications for iOS. The fact that the design of the latest applications that have posted is spectacular and its performance is very good.

Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Chrome or Google Drive are applications for iOS. They all have a great user experience, are useful, consistent and seamlessly integrated with Google services, including in some cases better than the company offers its own mobile operating system (Android).

aplicaciones ios google Google y sus Estupenda Aplicaciones para iOS

Google has created applications with a consistent design for iOS that Apple's own

Jason Cornwell is the lead designer and Gmail for iOS in a conversation with Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web editor, said some interesting things:

"You have to live the platform that we are developing. Designers and developers working on applications for iPhone, using the device as their primary phone. "

"You have to live the platform to understand the subtlety of the patterns and what is a good design for the platform."

In conversation, Panzarino notes that Google makes more money with iOS than it really is winning with iOS. While Cornwell simply ensures that Google has to go to where your potential customers.

Right now we can say that Google applications for iOS are clean, functional and consistent in terms of design that native applications for Apple iOS. Google hides many of the menu functions, in order to get a clean and similar. Besides the company's Mountain View is getting a user with multiple applications installed on your iPhone can pass from one to another without having to go through the Apple (introducing application links whenever possible).

Be seen whether the new head of the iOS interface, Jony Ive, is able to create a new interface for iOS that appeals to users and can keep up with Google applications. Sounds complicated, but Jony has repeatedly demonstrated its great potential hardware designing Why could not repeat it with software?.

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