Friday, December 7, 2012

Get definitions and translations with a single click and Tap-Tap-Translate Dictionary

Many applications of dictionaries and translation allow us to obtain the definition, synonyms and even translation of a term. But these are standalone applications that do not let you do it from the browser on your device.
dictionary ipad1
Now with Tap-Tap-Translate Dictionary and you can surf Safari and require a translation or definition of any word you find with one click. You only need to integrate and activate the application in the browser and get the information at the time.

To do this, you must add the application to your favorites list and edit in a few simple steps in the app. Both applications are available in multiple languages ​​and are universal applications.
translate iphone1
Tap-Dictionary, which is now free for a limited time, we will provide a full definition of the term in question, and Tap-Translate, with a price of € 8.99, the translation of that word. Personally, I think they are fairly comprehensive and very useful for those who need quick translations or meanings of words.
Do you urge one to try?

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