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French journalists show the inside of the Factory of the iPhone 5

fabrica iphone 5 Periodistas Franceses Muestran el Interior de la Fábrica del iPhone 5

Surely no one would be surprised to know that the situation of workers in China is not as it should be. Domestic firms exploit workers, pay them ridiculous wages and forced to work endless days.

This is allowed by the government of the country and in some ways is what is getting that China is becoming a real economic giant and companies around the world manufacture their product there. Of course, all this at the expense of citizens, who are forced to accept jobs that become virtual slaves.

Apple is one company that manufactures its products in China. On countless occasions has criticized Apple do this and also the conditions of workers in its main trading partner Foxconn country.

Such is life in the Foxconn factory where they make the iPhone 5

According to Apple itself, are concerned about this situation and ask that Foxconn will improve soon. A few months ago, when there was a wave of suicides at factories, Apple took certain steps but have been sufficient?

According to the videos that accompany these lines seems not to have been. These videos have been filmed by French television Envoye special. Reporters managed to infiltrate into the factory in Zhengzhou iPhone 5 to get the images and have a little more reality in Foxconn factories.

Apparently, the situation has not changed much and we see the picture inside the factories is still pretty grim and working conditions are terrible plant.

According to the report that was generated from this film, many bedrooms (the workers live in the factory itself) are still under construction and still have enough time inhabited. Do not have lifts, electricity or running water.

The buildings that do have electricity are dangerous. Apparently Foxconn has warned employees not connect anything to the outlets of the walls of the bedrooms, as eight workers died in a fire due to overload and could be repeated.

In addition, journalists could also meet with a group of young, they were told that they have been forced to accept the job. Where they did school administrators threatened to withdraw the qualifications they had achieved during their studies.

The envoy Envoye believe that many of these problems are the result of that Foxconn is trying to keep up with the production of the iPhone 5. An employee said that because the phone is so difficult to assemble, the company has to hire more people to keep up production.

The official response from Apple and Foxconn to this situation is as follows:

"Apple is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility in our supply chain worldwide. We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat employees with dignity and respect, and also use manufacturing processes that respect the environment. "

Apple Will you take some steps after this documentary? Do you somehow get that Chinese companies somehow improve the working conditions of their employees?

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