Friday, December 14, 2012

Flickr Launches Version 2.0 of its app for iPhone

flickr1 Flickr lanza la versión 2.0 de su app para iPhone

Flickr takes a few years that people are not too happy with the service, all due to poor innovation by Yahoo! and starring rising rival social networks such as 500px. Now with Marissa Mayer as CEO of the Internet giant wants to reverse the situation based on renovations, and it's time for the Flickr app.

Yahoo! bid for mobile

Marissa Mayer knows that the future of Yahoo! and Flickr goes through phones, something that is absolutely essential to have an application like official to users and to encourage them to use the social network, which until Flickr now not getting nowhere near having nearly all of its web traffic on computers and mobile devices.

Flickr does not excuse the fact that users are more computer than phone, as was also true in 500px initially but have known paths resolve with great applications for iPhone and iPad that have received the approval of both critical and users from the moment of its launch, and obviously many users have added to the growth of a platform already successful.

New look, new features

The home screen allows us to explore the most recent of our contacts or groups in which we are registered and can choose from a grid view somewhat overloaded for the iPhone screen or a list view that is really comfortable to have horizontal scroll to quickly move between photos.

flickr2 Flickr lanza la versión 2.0 de su app para iPhone

Once seen everything about our contacts we can take a look at the pictures that are popular or have taken near our location, a feature that I find it quite interesting especially when we travel to find other sites that may so we would not have been even close to knowing.

The application design has improved in a dramatic way, which I appreciate very much but it should be pretty standard quality for social networks as large as Flickr. It has also improved the speed of the application, and profile management has added the ability to apply filters to the pictures we took, so join Instagram Fashion recently supported Twitter with your own filters.

328407587 Flickr lanza la versión 2.0 de su app para iPhone Flickr
Developer: Yahoo!
Price: free (Download application)

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