Sunday, December 9, 2012

Familiar but different: Watee meets after Cut the rope and Angry Birds

If you liked the game known as Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, and you want to try something very similar but innovative, you must test the game Watee: charming, witty and really entertaining.


It is complete up to 60 different levels, much like those of Cut the rope, so that your character reaches his bowl with water and can take a bath. And the best part of the game: is free for a limited time.

Controlaréis water, steam and bubbles, and you must help your pet to cool. I would love if you like the monster from Cut the Rope or Angry Birds characters different.'s A skill game, follows the same strategy and has a very similar graphics.


The truth is that only available in English, although small unless there is more text instructions to understand. It is a universal app and, as mentioned, is free for a limited time.

What are you waiting to meet your new Watee?

Watee HD

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