Friday, December 14, 2012

Facebook study how to integrate advertising in Instagram

Screen Shot 2012 12 14 at 2.09.04 PM Facebook estudia cómo integrar publicidad en Instagram

Soon be over "happiness" for Instagram users. Since Facebook invest one billion dollars to acquire photographic social network, the company has been seeking funding models to get an economic return to the application. This was confirmed this week Carolyn Everson, vice president of marketing at Facebook this week at a conference.

According to statements by Everson:

"Instagram continues to grow very quickly. [...] There are many companies that are using Instagram and would be a good opportunity to test models of how they interact with their followers. Definitely, we have to establish a monetization model. When will this happen? Well, now I can not comment on that, but progress is going to happen. "

Hopefully this acquisition will not serve to sink Instagram finally, as we have seen in the world of application purchases. For now, Instagram has things difficult since his rival, Twitter, implement filtering options for your photos.

Surely, from Facebook advertising explore a non-invasive option, as that has Twitter now, and is implemented with the tastes of users. Thus, the monetization system that would Instagram itself any guarantee.

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Source- Business Insider

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