Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Facebook and its economic performance race to make Instagram

instagram3 Facebook y su carrera por sacar rendimiento económico de Instagram

1,000 million. That is the figure that cost the social network Facebook acquire successful mobile photo application 'Instagram'. So, we can not say that that "Instagram is a start-up": the application and has become a potential source of revenue and the company of the young Mark Zuckerberg studying how to recover the money from the investment and start to generate income.

A Facebook this monetization not been given anything right. The Californian company has not yet managed to find the "magic key" that will fill the pockets and advertising models using now will not bring the expected benefit. There are many actions that Facebook is trying to do to get economic performance, for example, the new option of sending gifts to your contacts. But for now the social network is not having much success in this field.

The vice president of marketing for the company already warned us a few days ago that they intended to monetize the app Instagram, but preferred not to give more details about it and now understand why. Today internet has exploded into a controversy to unravel the new Terms and Conditions of Use Instagram with the following clause:

"To help expand or promotions sponsored paid content, you agree with a company or other entity will pay us to display your user name, your likes, photos (and any information associated with them) and / or actions that you perform , in connection with US-sponsored content or actions without you to receive any compensation for it. "

Does this mean I can use Instagram photos to sell to businesses? No, even though the internet is being reported otherwise.'s Not true that the overnight you can lift and you've suddenly become the protagonist of the last campaign of Coca-Cola without your consent.

Instagram and Facebook are playing the dismissal, for some reason, because of time have refused to pronounce officially deny this report that has spread like wildfire. But keep in mind that as we are Facebook users with similar terms and conditions and to this day no one has had to sue the social network to use their images.

esponsorizacion facebook Facebook y su carrera por sacar rendimiento económico de Instagram

Instagram's legal team should have specified further at the time of writing this clause in its web. What the leaders of the application will surely be implemented advertising models similar to those found on Facebook at the moment. That is, if a friend has given "on page like Coca-Cola", the image of this friend will go to our News Feed indicating that she has to like the product page. Something like Instagram implemented from 16 January.

Do not panic. Nor do you need to unsubscribe from Instagram, because in the next few days surely the company will proceed to explain this mess.

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