Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eric Schmidt: Google and Apple could be better

In recent months we have seen a rift between the two companies in the world of the world's best known technology. On the one hand Google, admired by most users thanks to free services and the quality of its products, and otherwise Apple, who sees danger its golden age by some decisions not too successful.

The high point of this struggle was the estrangement caused by the loss of Google Maps in iOS 6. Needless know the problems, grievances and dismissals that has led the way to an Apple proprietary application that replaced the great maps app Google . Step that, frankly, was unnecessary and premature.

However, Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), comes to the fore in an interview with the Wall Street Journal to say that you must follow friendly dialogue between the two companies, although they are no longer partners to become rivals for control of market.

google apple llevarse mejor 558x350 Eric Schmidt: Google y Apple podrĂ­an llevarse mejor

According to Schmidt, run a business as adults is like running a country. There are disputes, of course, but you should still strive to maintain trade ties between teams of government. It is ok to jump start the pumps first opportunity.

Also shown is curious to know why Apple sues most of its partners, such as Samsung, when Android is a product of it. In fact, the Korean company is being made of gold with Google's mobile operating system, making it more logical to be attacked.

Finally, adding a pearl leaves you sad that the apple company has stopped using their maps and Youtube remove the iOS home screen 6. In fact, does not understand why the change occurred and urges business leaders to discuss both in this aspect.

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