Monday, December 17, 2012

Download Google Maps to your iPhone

The wait has been long, but it was worth it. The guys from Mountain View have decided to finally launch the Google Maps application for your iPhone. With this browser, we bring back the features that disappeared in iOS6 with replacing Apple maps and funny images and also introduces other so far only been available for the Android terminal.

Google Maps for iPhone

Not only have the new 360 degree panoramic street view level or all information for public transport, but we can also enjoy the turn navigation with voice guidance for walking routes, we will have a vector view 3D sync with the Gmail account and have a new interface based on gestures of the most curious, however, I must say, it's a little confusing at first to use, for example when cancel a route.

Google Maps for our iPhone also integrate Google searches Locals, which we will complete simplicity to finding places to eat, have fun, drink ... and see what people say about them. But what really stands out, let's be honest, is the reliability of some maps much more elaborate.

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