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DND, the new feature in iOS 6

no molestar ipad No Molestar, la Nueva Función en iOS 6

Until the arrival of iOS 6 the only option to avoid receiving messages or calls notification was put the device in airplane mode, turn it off or set it to vibrate not silent mode (with the side button). Certainly these are not the best options and many thought that Apple should offer a way to temporarily disable any notification, without having to resort to these little "tricks".

So Do Not Disturb iOS 6

Apple's solution came with iOS 6 and was called Do Not Disturb. This mode lets you configure your iPad or iPhone to not emit any sound or vibration during the time it is on, yet it does allow calls from certain numbers in case there is some urgency.

For example, you can activate Do Not Disturb, but set it up to receive notifications itself calls the number you have stored in your favorites or contacts that we choose concrete (normal calls in the case of the iPhone and FaceTime calls in the case the iPad). Definitely a tremendously interesting option.

In addition, you can set the option to automatically activate during a given time range. For example, if you usually go to bed at 0:00 and got up at 7:30, we can set the option to automatically turn on at 0:00 and off again at 7:30. Very useful, but for now the setting will affect every day of the week and you can not schedule a few hours for weekdays and another for weekends. Perhaps in future versions of iOS.

no molestar ipad 2 No Molestar, la Nueva Función en iOS 6

Also, another interesting option is that of repeated calls. Enabling this option, the device will warn us if we receive a call from the same number, not on the first try, but if the person called again before they pass three minutes. We assume that Apple has considered the possibility that we are calling for something really urgent and therefore created this option.

All DND mode options of iOS 6 is configured in Settings - Notifications - DND and manually enabling or disabling appears right on the main window settings for both iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch.

For now do not disturb, no more options. Hopefully in the future this feature of iOS continue to improve, but that will be when Apple decides to release a new version of iOS incorporating the finest options Do Not Disturb option.

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