Sunday, December 23, 2012

Discover Auxo, a spectacular new design of multitasking for iOS (Cydia)

Since the arrival of iOS 4, Apple's smartphone users have been enjoying the multitasking option natively, without having to jailbreak the device. After more than two years, Apple has used his time to improve and include numerous enhancements to its following operating system versions. However, the section on non-multitasking has devoted much attention in all this time.


That's why, in the world of the jailbreak, there have been many people who have created both concepts of how the service should be multitasking in iOS, as tweaks to Cydia which offer the possibility of change by native multitasking Alternatively, in many cases significantly better than Apple itself. Today we present you a spectacular tweak has appear soon in Cydia called Auxo, which provides a spectacular new design and user experience fabulous for multitasking in iOS.

In October, the designer Cydia tweaks for @ Sentry_NC , decided to try to create a new concept of multitasking to iOS. Thus, presented in " The Verge Forums "bases of what later became Auxo, the new multitasking iOS tweak, downloadable soon from Cydia.

Auxo provides easy access to various options of iOS and incorporates new tools and developments in the service of multitasking, making the most of the screen. Thus, pressing the Home button twice the device, open the multitasking and, sliding to the right we find a new music player interface. Sliding to the right again, enables various shortcuts to operating system options, such as: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, screen orientation, sound or airplane mode, among others.

Auxo multitarea

All this new interface, allows users to control running applications with completely intuitive touch gestures. So much so, that Auxo, sliding open applications in multitasking down cause its closure (we can close both at once, with two fingers). Also, if you keep pressing one of them will ask if you want to close them all at once. Finally, the screen shown in applications that are actually beside the icon of the application itself.

Auxo apps multitarea

Our fellow iDownloadBlog have created a review showing all its features, here's the video.

Remember that Auxo jailbreak required for installation and use. It will be available soon in Cydia for iOS 6 devices jailbroken.

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