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Desk, a Great Educational App for iPad

pupitre ipad app store Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad

The Grupo Santillana de Ediciones brings a great application for iPad on the App Store. Desk is the name of the new application for iPad. Aimed at children between 3 and 8 years that will have a fun filled chips in notebooks divided according the work to be performed. The application is free and includes a notebook where you can try different tabs. Then you can download the books that interest you from the library itself paying € 0.89. The visual interface is very simple and always uses elements that children know very well so that they themselves can be handled by the application. Markers, crayons, pencils, erasers, all they want in different colors to enjoy a completely application designed for them. After learning can have fun getting awards they can use on their notebook recess.

Desk, return the notebooks Santillana

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Just download the application you can create your own profile where you can be a child and customize your own notebooks. A fun interface where you can change the skin color, eye shape, hair color and hairstyle . You can also choose different costumes, and even add a costume for your doll may put a princess dress or costume of Superman. Also you can choose other accessories like glasses, mustache or hat. You can create up to four users of different ages with completely different profiles that will keep the child's progress.

pupitre ipad app store 2 Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad

Desk for iPad includes a complimentary sample notebook. It can have fun and learn with four tabs: a coloring and review, another to choose a doctor that uses elements in his work, a drag over different foods eaten by animals and another where you can drag into a farm each element in place. When you're done with all the chips will be rewarded with a fabulous prize, a stick to beat you pleasure in a blank notebook in which you can also paint and make fun funds as a kitchen or a green meadow.

pupitre ipad app store 3 Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad

In the library that includes the application itself will find up to nine different books divided by category. In the left column you have a column where you can select the books for ages or agenda. The books are divided by age into two different filters: for children aged between 3 and 5 years and between 6 and 8 years. Among the different Temaria find books Language, Science and Mathematics. Every time you play in one of the notebooks a tab will explain its contents and you can decide whether to buy it or not. Also if you change your device you can restore your purchases without having to pay again.

pupitre ipad app store 4 Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad

Desk includes a button playground where children can let out all your creativity and where they can use all the awards and rewards they have gotten over their learning. They may use markers, brushes, pencils or wax up to 15 different colors and can also choose the thickness. Also put the sticks that have earned and available funds. They will also have to delete and choose between a draft lifetime or the rear tire of a pencil, and you can delete the entire document and throw it away.

pupitre ipad app store 5 Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad

Educational applications are booming in the App Store and Desk is proof of that. A fantastic app where children learn playing. Desk has a perfect visual interface in which the children will miss any of your usual tools. Santillana has completely changed the desk making your iPad is where kids can learn and play without staining anything painting the house. The books and records that they are perfectly divided and included with every new purchase children find new challenges. The application is free and fully compatible with all iPad models including iPad Mini. What are you waiting for to try it?

mzl.kfilurka Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad
mzl.zmbwpxqn.480x480 75 Pupitre, una Genial App Educativa para iPad

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