Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Depending on our tablet, this is the first thing twiteamos

Gone are the days of Christmas, surely the day when most people receive as a gift an iPad in any of its different versions. Of course, the other tablets have their moments of glory, and many houses have dawned with products from Amazon, Google and Microsoft wrapped in gift paper.

A good way to measure what is cooking in the lives of users of technology is going to Twitter. Microblogging social network get us some clues on trends instantly, without having to wait even minutes.

Imagine if we look at what are the first tweets from the following tablet: Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface. The following is a sample image of the result, with the first five tweets that have been taken at random from those users who want to give to the world its latest acquisition.

primeros tweets tablets 507x350 Dependiendo de nuestro tablet, esto es lo primero que twiteamos

In case you can not read well, I will say that almost all post are of the "this is my first tweet from my new (and tablet name)". Although there is not much originality, the truth is that this compilation shows what we are vain sometimes users of technology, looking quickly share with others our new acquisitions.

Another interesting statistic is the number of tweets of this type from each tablet. As you can imagine, the Apple iPad wins by a landslide, with 1795 messages within 24 hours of Christmas Day. Followed at some distance the Amazon Kindle (250 posts), the Google Nexus (100 posts) and the Microsoft Surface (36 posts).

What about you? What was the first tweet from your tablet?

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