Saturday, December 15, 2012

CNN compares Google maps with Apple

Screen Shot 2012 12 14 at 11.44.56 AM La CNN compara los mapas de Google con los de Apple

The launch of Google Maps this week has only to reap good reviews everywhere. Apple has it increasingly difficult to overcome the rival that has dominated iOS devices since 2007. And we have to say that the international media are also positioned in favor of the new Google alternative, much faster and with more detailed information.

The last half of prestigious Apple compare maps with Google has been CNN. The journalist Kristie Lu presented this week Stou catch several examples comparing both services which showed each. The clear winner of this comparison, with reference to Hong Kong, was Google Maps.

Google maps provide more detailed information about public transportation systems in each city. Moreover, it is true that Apple maps provide information about traffic conditions, but in Hong Kong reporter obtained no information on the state of the roads and even some of the highways of Hong Kong did not appear in the application Apple.

It is clear that Apple has much work to do. The acquisition would be an absolute winner TomTom by Cupertino company, whose team is in charge of maps through difficult times and several layoffs.

You can see the whole video on the CNN website .

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