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China is currently the largest market for Android

apple store china China es Actualmente el Mayor Mercado de Android

Gradually, China has positioned itself as one of the most important markets for certain technology companies. Currently the Asian giant has the largest market for Android devices around the world, ie China is the country where most Android devices sold, second is currently U.S..

According to a report Telecoms & Media, the smartphone market grew 85% in 2012 when compared with figures in 2011. That's almost double what was achieved in the rest of the world, with figures close to 45%. Only in 2012 in China was 768 million smartphones sold in a market with 1.33 billion people, really incredible figures.

China is the main market for Android now

Apple's current share of the Chinese market is only 5% and this could be reduced if the Cupertino company is unable to reach an agreement with China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in the country and the world.

For its part, Microsoft is also interested in this market and if the forecasts continue as usual throughout 2013 could see doubling its presence in the country, with a growth of 1% of market share by 2%. Without small numbers compared to Android, but Microsoft takes much less time and at the moment the number of devices with Windows Mobile is much lower.

Apple's Forecast looks pretty bleak in China, although the report that have posted ignores a number of unknowns that could help Apple compete in a market largely driven by low prices of Android devices.

Among these questions are:

  • Impact of the record 2 million iPhone 5 sold in just three days after its launch.
  • The arrival of the iPhone 4S with prices of $ 99 for free with the signing of a permanent contract.
  • The huge customer base of China Mobile to Apple could access in case of reaching an agreement.

The report also paints the wrong thing for Apple in the U.S..

lanzamiento iphone 5 china China es Actualmente el Mayor Mercado de Android

According to his studies, Android is expected to strengthen further its position in the U.S., to the point that one of every two phones sold in the country in 2013 with Android operating system.

The solution I see these problems, is that Apple makes significant changes in the iOS interface, changes that allow users to restore confidence and enthusiasm to use their iOS devices. For the company the most important thing is that they may interface changes, and that since the arrival of iOS for almost six years it has hardly changed.

No doubt, 2013 will be an interesting year for the mobile phone world. We arm ourselves with patience touch and go seeing as responding to market movements make the various companies making smartphones.

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