Monday, December 10, 2012

BrightVol: change the brightness with volume buttons

brightvol foto 2 BrightVol: cambia el brillo con los botones del volumen

Yesterday I made ​​a summary of the tweaks and modifications that I have installed on my iPhone, and had long since you asked me in the comments and most surprised that you have so few, only the essential, only the best (to my ). Today we continue telling you the new features that appear in Cydia.

BrightVol just appeared in the store changes, this tweak allows you to change the function of the volume buttons on the iPhone and do that instead of going up and down the volume up and down the brightness of your screen. Ideal for those who have not enabled automatic brightness for fear of battery consumption, some people say you spend and save people who say, I always I have activated.

Also if you want to alternate between modifying the volume or the brightness setting can make a gesture of Activator to activate BrightVol, so you can toggle between use and not lose any other function.

You can download for free from Cydia, you'll find it in the BigBoss repo. You need to have done the jailbreak on your device.

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