Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brazil launches iPhone a smartphone with Android

IGB Electronica iPhone image 001 Brasil lanza IPHONE un smartphone con Android

Brazil has the iPhone, a smartphone with Android operating system, announced today by the Brazilian manufacturer of electronic products IGB Electronica SA (IGB). The company said in a securities filing that the first model will be called "Neo One". The company says it owns the trademark "iPhone" in Brazil, originally requested in 2000, long before Apple even begin to think about setting up your phone. Apple's lawyers are already aware.

The device sells for 599 Brazilian reais, which is about $ 290. Use the old version of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, has a 320 x 480 pixel resolution and contains a 700 MHz processor

Jordan Golson, in a report:

Apple may file suit, or perhaps more likely, begin negotiations for a settlement.


Brazil is an important country for Apple. The company has begun hiring new Apple stores in the country, which would be its first locations in South America, Apple and Foxconn have begun production of iPad and iPhone there.

For those who were wondering, the iPhone will also be sold in black.

IGB Electronica iPhone image 002 Brasil lanza IPHONE un smartphone con Android

It is worth remembering that Apple faced a similar situation in China with the name iPad. In fact, the Apple tablet has not been sold in China until the dispute was resolved through a settlement of $ 60 million.

According to Reuters, IGB Eletronica SA has exclusive rights to the "iPhone" name in the market to see how Apple local.Vamos seeks his way out of this dilemma and sure to be news in the coming days.

Do you think this is a marketing campaign named by the Brazilian company to take advantage of the Apple iPhone?

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