Monday, December 10, 2012

Bose SoundDock updates its support for Lightning

 Bose actualiza su SoundDock con soporte para Lightning

The arrival of Lightning to iOS devices is forcing many manufacturers to upgrade their products. Bose is the latest to announce that its multimedia dock presented in 2004, the SoundDock, will be updated with a new version with the Apple connection.

This dock has remained unchanged for years, even its price above $ 200 in most stores has not prevented it from becoming a bestseller all.

The new SoundDock III, will have a starting price of $ 249 and in addition to offering support for Lightning, come with your remote control and an auxiliary input that can be used with other audio sources. Aesthetically, still subject to change. As for the power rating of the speakers, Bose is not in favor of publishing so that we can help you. Connoisseurs know the brand and what it offers in general.

Currently, the time of issue of the Bose SoundDock III range between seven and ten days in the official website of the brand. Presumably distributors begin receiving the first units in the coming days so if your looking for a dock with speakers, this can be a perfect gift for Christmas.

If, however, you are not a fan of Bose, in the market and there are numerous docks Lightning adapted from brands like Philips or JBL.

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