Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blooming false jailbreaks iOS 6 in Internet

Dream JB Fake 533x400 Florecen los falsos jailbreaks de iOS 6 en internet

Normally receive one or two emails a day with news of iOS jailbreaks assumptions 6, the websites that offer them say they have jailbreak and unlock (release) , and pay a price change will send the program. Obviously only are scams, why you never publish anything.

This week's emails received have increased by 100, and that an alleged hacker is said to have the jailbreak of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 and what was going to release on 22 December this year. He said that the jailbreak was done keeping a photo on your reel and then running an application, apparently used Webkit somehow. This would untethered jailbreak userland and type of software (such that close with a simple software update from Apple). Of course it was all fake.

Yesterday, the hacker would have to upload a video proving his jailbreak, the video would be made at the time and uploaded on RAW. When uploaded the video turned out to be 2 days, and in the video, despite last more than five minutes, we saw only spend four minutes on the clock ... A Fake of evil, it appeared that it was a lie.

Whatever he says (sociological and notice so beware) was nothing more than an attempt to become famous as we have seen many before. From iPhone news we did not want to give credit to jailbreak this course to have some tangible data that was real. The news has spread like wildfire blogs, to the point of getting 20,000 followers on Twitter and 300,000 unique visitors, and we so eager to see the jailbreak for the iPhone 5 that we believe without thinking about what we read , a stranger who gets a jailbreak ... alone is almost impossible.

When you create a userland jailbreak has to be adapted to each of the different processors, and now there are many, it would take weeks or months if only one person did. You usually comes from people known to the scene and help each other, do not worry that you will be notified when this happens.

iphonesbloccodefinitivopwnedrimandato Florecen los falsos jailbreaks de iOS 6 en internet

Relying on these things involves risk, some of you may link to download a fake and ye installing malware on your computer or even your iPhone can spoil. It is preferable to wait for blogs like ours check their veracity, I try and write a tutorial with all the steps you need to do to not bother anything.

Maybe some of you had you preferred us to talk about it in the blog, but the decision was made ​​not to create buzz and especially lest you sintierais disappointed later. Eventually as many blogs have published the disappointment has been the same.

When a jailbreak by, or reliable tracks of it, do not worry, we will inform you in Latest iPhone.

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