Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bloomberg believes that Zynga is one of the worst CEO of the year

Mark Pincus Bloomberg considera que Zynga tiene uno de los peores CEO del año

Zynga is a game developer who once reached the top of the summit, but failed to sustain interest among his players, who ended up getting tired of the constant notifications and requests from Facebook. Yes, Zynga is a company that relies heavily on its alliance with Facebook and the thing has not been successful. No Facebook just does not get good results in the stock market, but Zynga has dropped 75% in the last twelve months.

There is no way that the company raise the head, despite having invested heavily in iOS devices fremium and free games in the App Store and great shopping. But none of this seems to have resulted. Hence, the news agency Bloomberg considers that CEO Mark Pincus, is one of the worst this year.

Pincus is in the fourth place on this list for having failed to guide his company to fruition. Ahead of him lie the CEO of U.S. retailer Best Buy, the CEO of Chesapeake Energy and Andrea Jung, Avon.

Indeed, in fifth place followed Rodrigo Rato, with its Spanish banking disaster, narrowly Mark Zuckerberg also get to sneak in this list. As we mentioned yesterday in iPhone News , Facebook also not knowing quite how to focus your business.

Article Bloomberg believes that Zynga is one of the worst CEO of the year has been originally published in News iPhone .

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