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Bike Race, a fun game to hang bikes

bikerace Bike Race, un entretenido juego de motos para pasar el rato

For many years of trial games have become popular, and I remember playing in the web browser more than one made ​​in Flash and also selling Trials HD and Trials Evolution Xbox 360 Arcade, one of the best games gained in the market. And of course the iPhone too.

Simple but addictive

The best thing about these games is that you challenge yourself. That anger when you are unable to spend a level that makes you keep playing until you get through, and is what allows developers to not have to beat around the bush and focus on creating addictive levels and a difficulty curve fitting .

In fact I think the latter is what is done best in Bike Race, as the difficulty is increased gradually and also wisely not even let us try the multiplayer until we are well acquainted with the local version, which will get into less than an hour by little we are given these games well.

Graphics and control

This type of games is not usually ask amazing graphics, and the fact is that neither the offers Bike Race. It has graphics that can be improved but enough to have a good time playing, which ultimately is what counts. From supergráficos are worthless if after the game is more boring than a Sunday without money.

bikerace1 Bike Race, un entretenido juego de motos para pasar el rato

Control is the typical iPhone games: it manages the inclination of the bike while moving the phone to accelerate and brake have to touch the right and left of the screen respectively. While always less interesting than a physical check, the truth is that the screen reflects fine exceptions our orders and we can enjoy a game smoothly.


It is a good game to take the time, is free, has multiplayer, single-player levels enough, some decent graphics and engaging gameplay. It is true that one can ask for more, but there is always time for updates and improvements as I said before, it should not be too picky about the graphics when working properly the level of gameplay.

510461758 Bike Race, un entretenido juego de motos para pasar el rato Bike Race Free by Top Free Games
Developer: Top Free Games
Price: free (Download application)

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