Monday, December 3, 2012

Beware of false applications from the App Store

mooncraft fake Cuidado con las aplicaciones falsas de la App Store

Often blames Apple for having too strict control of all applications that are published on the App Store. While to many this may seem annoying, really helps the store maintain an acceptable quality (not consider the quality of the applications themselves, but to prevent fraud, virus, spyware and so on) in the store and that we as users can download and purchase applications with more security for our iPhone , iPod Touch or iPad

Of course, Apple is not perfect and sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes some malicious developers are able to team colársela acceptance of the App Store. It really is not that the sneaking, is taking advantage of the characteristics of the store to try to profit from a bad product.

One of the most recent examples we have is to Mooncraft. Viewing the download page of the game, you might think that this is a popular version Minecraf, set on the moon and iOS support. Also, in the download page shows you different views of users and mostly very positive reviews. In this situation we decided to download the game and pay the amount demanded by the developer.

But once downloaded and installed the game we got a nasty surprise. It is not really the game that was shown in the description and screenshots, but a simple game and nobody would want to install on your smartphone or tablet .

How to "fake" an application in the App Store?

Chances are that scammers have sent the game you downloaded Apple with a description and screenshots chords, but once the game accepted by Apple have changed the name, the info page and catches as they do not need to do this to Apple Release them, ie, they can do it directly from iTunes Connect and publish in minutes.

Once you have done this, they have no more to pay some people to download the game, write some positive reviews and give it some kick. This makes their product look attractive for users and probably get many downloads.

Fortunately, users can request a refund Appla in these cases. Thus, in addition to recovering the investment in the game, surely Apple will examine what happened and that developer removed completely from the app store because it is playing dirty and that's something I do not like the Cupertino company.

It is curious that developers do things like this, because it really is very easy to discover and to have an Apple developer account to pay $ 99 a year, so that does not seem very logical to do things like , but here we have them.

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