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Best Cydia Tweaks of 2012

In the last 12 months, despite the Jailbreak for iOS 6 has not yet been achieved, we have seen several new interesting tweaks in Cydia. Some community developers Jailbreak launch have achieved some important applications during 2012.

Top Jailbreak Tweaks 2012 622x350 Mejores Tweaks de Cydia del 2012

First of all, you leave a video where you can see all running applications that we will later appoint:

And here's the full list of the top 2012 for Jailbreak tweaks (no particular order). Maybe we let one, which does not mean they are not worthy of being on the list, but which we have considered the best. If you have just entered the world of Jailbreak this list will be a good starting guide.

  • Blutrol - To use the arcade cab Icade with any game, but do not support.
  • Aero - Switch between applications with style.
  • AnimateAll - Anima Lock Screens, Home and notification center.
  • Ayecon - The best theme jailbreak.
  • CameraTweak - The most robust camera tweak for Cydia.
  • Dash - Switch between full screen apps.
  • X Dashboard - Add widgets to iOS work.
  • Deck - Access to a large number of system functions through a hotbar.
  • Emblem - Notifications for OS X. iOS inspired
  • FoldMusic - Add music directly to the home screen.
  • WeeRoll - Add more than a dozen notifications to the notification center.
  • Hands-Free Control - Controls Siri without hands.
  • Merge - Merge iMessage with contacts.
  • Motion - Add animated icons on the main screen.
  • Neurotech Siri - One of the best themes for Siri.
  • NowNow - Use Siri to invoke Google Voice search.
  • Octopus Keyboard - Keyboard inspired by the BlackBerry 10.
  • PaperLock - A slide unlocking.
  • Quasar - Run multiple applications from side to side.
  • Stride - Unlock the phone using 8-bit designs.
  • SwipeBack - Browse back with a twist.
  • SwipeSelection - text editing trick well known. This should be the default.
  • Unfold - Unlock your iPhone in style.
  • AssistantLove - Siri uses Spotify to play music.
  • Auxo - Re-design the whole way to switch between applications. Tweak Best of 2012.

As you can see, has been named Auxo best tweak of 2012. A project that began as a mere concept, but thanks to a design and development team of very talented, you have seen the light. An application praised by virtually all the Jailbreak community, something that is not too common. The only fault I have is still not available for all versions of iOS.

Obviously the lack of 6/iPhone Jailbreak iOS 5 has not been released in Cydia as many projects as other years, but still we have seen good applications, especially in the early years. Sure that by 2013 we will have good uses for Cydia.

What do you think? Are you missing any application or tweak?

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