Friday, December 14, 2012

BackBeat GO, wireless headphones for iPhone and iPad

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In recent days we have had the opportunity to test the wireless headset Plantronics BackBeat GO. It is an ideal solution that can accompany us in our daily life: at home, at work or even at the gym. These headphones are connected to our iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth (the screen can display the remaining battery level at all times).

Besides good sound quality we get when listening to music (isolates outside noise), BackBeat GO doubles as speakerphone, because we can use it to keep phone conversations. Like Apple headphones, a microphone incorporates BackBeat Go where we find the option to increase or decrease the sound volume at all times.

The headphones feature a short cable that is not often tangle and with different bags so we can choose the one that best fits the size s and our ears.'s Battery becomes 4.5 hours in use and can be recharged easily through the mini USB.

In short, a good option if you want the hassles of cables.

BackBeat GO is available on the page Plantronics for $ 99.99. We thank you for allowing AT & T to try this product.

Source- AT & T

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