Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ares Free Download for Mac | Poisoned

For some time we have been echoing a number of applications and programs although they are popularly used by users with Windows operating systems , have also been updated and modified to properly-functioning-turn on Macs

This applies, for example, of Messenger for Mac , or even, users running Mac OS X are able to download Google Chrome for Mac . In regards to P2P applications that enable legal file sharing with other users, We also know of the existence of aMule , eMule version for Mac

But, is there a Mac version of Ares for free? We answer positively. And in fact it has been given the curious name of Poisoned.

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  • What is it used for Ares or
  • Download Ares (Poisoned) totally free for Mac

What is it used for Ares or

Considered by many as the best file sharing program on the Internet, the Ares program used to share files working in a decentralized network, such as P2P, Point to Point or Point to Point, which allows direct downloading of files between program users that are part of that network. This program allows you to search and download files that other people matter who made available. In Ares will share all kinds of files, whether MP3 music, videos, software, documents, ...

Download Ares (Poisoned) totally free for Mac

As I have discussed very briefly in previous lines, becomes Poisoned version of Ares for Mac, which you can download absolutely free .

Explained in a somewhat more technical, it is a tool for exchanging files from P2P networks that can be used seamlessly on your Mac but differs from other similar applications that have the ability to connect to multiple networks, as eg Gnutella, Fasttrack and Ares 0.3.

In addition, the new version fixes a number of bugs that some users reported their developers through various blogs and forums too.

Login to download Ares for Mac .

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