Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apple shares suffer biggest fall in the last 4 years

acciones apple Las acciones de Apple sufren la caída más grande de los últimos 4 años

It seems that the drop in Apple stock continues at an unprecedented rate. During the final day of the stock market, the value of Apple's stock has fallen around 6%, the biggest drop in to trading of the company in a single day during the past four years.

There could be many factors leading to this big drop, from a forecast of an influential company that ensures that Google continues sacándole advantage Android Apple until cleanup actions that many investors are doing in recent times, including the sale of shares some senior executives of the company.

Apple shares fall 6%, the biggest drop in a day for the last four years

It could also have something to do with this decline in the value of the shares, the new capital gains tax to take effect next year or the rumors that Nokia could beat Apple in China to reach an agreement with China Mobile to sell its Lumia phones on the market (remember that China Mobile is China's largest operator by number of subscribers).

Apple shares are falling in bag for quite a few months. Analysts believe it could have something to do with the change in direction of the company after the death of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook believe could have lost the way of Apple and made his own.

Is this fair? I really do not know what to say, but for now it seems that Cook is doing well, has made ​​his own decisions and the latter part of the year has been full of developments in the Apple environment, both in new products and in management changes and even a dismissal.

tim cook Las acciones de Apple sufren la caída más grande de los últimos 4 años

Perhaps shareholders too are rushing to sell and this is causing the share value plummet, although there is no clear justification enough or at least that's the feeling we have today.

Because of the great value of Apple shares today, falling 1.1% suffered by the Nasdaq 100 is almost complete responsibility falling Apple awesome!

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