Monday, December 17, 2012

Apple shares continue to fall, waiting for a shock

After months and months of a sustained rise, Apple's stock peaked in late September. At that time, the stock market value of their shares exceeded $ 700, and it seemed that nothing would stop in the disproportionate rise towards $ 1000. Moreover, many analysts predicted in the near future a market value for the company of more than a billion dollars, which would make him break a record.

But since then the Apple company has launched several important products, but apparently failed to maintain the confidence of the markets so that its market value has been deflated week after week.

Specifically, during the month of November, the company has lost more than 25 percent of its market value, lowering the value of their shares to about $ 400 still acceptable. One of the main factors for this to happen, it seems that the problem is with the demands and availability of the iPhone 5, which unsettles investors fairly.

acciones apple cayendo revulsivo Las acciones de Apple siguen cayendo, a la espera de un revulsivo

However, both the new smartphone from Apple as the brand new iPad Mini, are selling spectacularly well. So how could soar? Most analysts believe that it is quite difficult: the bubble has burst and the only thing that saved back to more normal numbers would be the announcement of a new hit, the style of the iPhone launch in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 .

Otherwise, users might lose hope and confidence in the products of the company on the block, and this would see their sales forecasts for 2013 are not met. This is causing further that the major Wall Street analysts are going through some notes to investors, reducing their earnings estimates.

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