Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apple says it is moving the production of the next iPad Mini

produccion iPad Mini Apple Dice que Está Moviendo la Producción del Próximo iPad Mini

People who have decided not to buy the first version of the iPad Mini will be pleased to read this news. And, apparently, a new report says that manufacturers of components of the next generation of iPad Mini is getting ready for a release earlier than expected.

As reported by CNET:

"Doug Freedman, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, has released an ambiguous note from Apple:" iPad Mini 2nd Generation: The second generation of the iPad Mini is being prepared, and will likely have several new suppliers, TXN winning content. ""

TXN is Texas Instruments, which in the past provided components for iOS devices. But more interesting is that Freedman says that components are being prepared, which suggests that the iPad 2 running Mini.

Actually it would be crazy to expect Apple to launch the next generation of iPad Mini in the first half of next year. Since we have updated the entire line of products this fall (including the iPad 3 that was only 6 months), it is possible that renewal cycles have changed. In fact, there has been talk that we might see the iPhone 5S in the first quarter of 2013.

As for the next iPad Mini , all that is heard is that Apple is working with suppliers to improve the resolution of the screen. And that seems to be a fact considering that in addition to price, the low resolution of the screen is the only complaint from users and analysts.

Turning to upgrade cycles, would be interesting to see what Apple has planned for 2013. There must be some reason I decided to update all of its products in a month, and it is obvious that we will not wait a whole year to announce a new product from Apple. We will keep you informed.

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