Friday, December 14, 2012

Apple restores give iOS apps from App Store

app gifting ios 6 Apple restaura regalar aplicaciones desde la iOS App Store

Apple again restores the option of gifting apps from the iOS App Store, this option stopped working with the arrival of iOS 6 to our devices and has been in high demand by users who had lost the option of making gifts to family and friends .

Apple also added this option again in time for the Christmas holidays, has restored the ability of a user to buy the gift of an application from the App Store for another user on the App Store via an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This function of giving, which was present in iOS 5 and earlier, never launched with iOS 6. Apple did not explain why, but it probably had to do with iOS 6 features a redesigned iOS App Store.

To give an application, the user must click the share button and then click the button gifts. Users can even specify when you want to get that gift to someone else (up to 90 days in advance). It's a good campaign by Apple to allow users to give away this extremely innovative Christmas gifts, Reyes or birthdays.

You will give to your family? That game they desire from the App Store for Christmas?

More information - You can give apps in the App Store

Article restores give Apple iOS applications from the App Store was first published in News iPhone .

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