Friday, December 14, 2012

Apple restored the "give" in the App Store

app store gift 628x350 Apple restablece la opciĆ³n regalar en la App Store

Apple has restored the ability to give apps in the App Store, features previously it was possible, but it disappeared when he left iOS 6. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, reports the return of this possibility:

"To give an application, the user must click the dropdown next to the price and choose gifting application. Users can even specify when you must deliver the application (you can order up to 90 days). "

The new design of the iOS App Store was a bit of a disaster at first, but the truth is that has improved a lot. Perhaps the possibility of giving an application simply disappear because they saw the new App Store sufficiently stable. Now you can give both iPhone apps as iPad .

It is quite interesting to see how Apple has been able to add a new feature directly in the Sheet Share via HTTP. (There has been no firmware update has just appeared the option of giving).

What do you think this new option? Does echabais less?

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