Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apple removes iPhone policy limit per customer

iphone 5 Apple elimina la política de límite de iPhone por cliente

Since the advent of the original iPhone, Apple has a policy of sales of handsets sold to each customer. Until now, only two iPhone may purchase transaction free and a maximum of 10 units along lifetime.

This policy was established by the high demand for terminals and the usual problems of lack of stock, and the intention was to limit the resale, especially to countries where the iPhone is not officially marketed.

Apple changes its policy of limiting sales of iPhone 5 to each customer

Now that the iPhone is available in virtually all the world that the U.S. is available free terminal and it seems that the capacity to manufacture units is stabilized, Apple has decided to eliminate this policy and allow any client to buy the amount of iPhone 5 that needed at any time.

Thus, it is now possible to shop in several units of iPhone 5 without any problems, both in the online store and in the company's physical stores. When it seems the online store has not yet been updated and although 999 units can be added to a shopping cart, just let process 10 units. Anyway hopefully this is resolved as quickly as possible.

The policy change comes at the right time, close to the arrival of the iPhone 5 to more than 50 new countries and also very close to the Christmas holiday season in many countries.

Although it seems surprising, it seems that the policy of only two units per order will remain active in the case of the iPad Mini, we assume that for production reasons and possible rupture of stock in case customers can buy as many units as they wish. In addition the device is not yet in many markets as the iPhone 5.

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