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Apple publishes a list of the best apps and games of 2012

As usual, Apple has released its selection of the best apps of 2012. In this post I list included both Spain and the United States. Come and see.

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In chickens may lack some of your favorite applications or even games, as long as I discussed the App Store reached one million applications and the number has continued to rise. But we encourage you to keep your eye on the list of best applications of Spain, since you probably bring forth some surprises ...
We detail below the deserving winners by country and category to which they belong.


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Game of the Year

iPhone : Rayman Jungle Run.

For their successful graphics and levels, the game plan, and the famous character as the protagonist of the action. It ends up being a vice of play when just start playing. Totally agree with the choice, but we also acompañaríamos first place with Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.

rayman best2012

iPad : The Room.

By creating addiction and strategy. Very good game of logic and skill will make you want to open more and more doors to complete all levels. According to this position very well.

room 2012

Best App of the Year

iPhone : Action Movie FX.

For graphics and special effects. An app has been adding filters and effects like Call of Duty and has aroused strong opinions. Entertaining and original. According to the app, but for us it is still a must.

action movie 2012

iPad : Paper.

For ease of use and image quality. Practical and entertaining, and share option works created. According to the post, but in this line also would emphasize many other office suites like iWork (Pages, Numbers ...).

paper 2012

But in the list of top U.S. apps. UU. also distinguished between the year of application best paid and free. Here are the winning apps.

Better enforcement of the payment year

iPhone : WhatsApp Messenger.

For its usefulness, functionality and the attainment so successful pioneer in the application being presented as an alternative to payment messages. Totally agree with the choice, although lately the server crashes plantearíamos us also similar as LINE .

whatsapp 2012

iPad : Angry Birds HD Space.

For his estratgia game, graphic and undoubted success. The friendly little birds have achieved undeniable success, and we strongly agree with the choice, but neither side would stop all similar versions as Anry Birds Bad Piggies or Star Wars.

angry birds 2012
Best free app of the year

iPhone : YouTube.

By its very useful and endless content to see and share. Rather than agree with the first post. Useful and practical, on par with international (and now also supports iPad).

youtube 2012

iPad : Skype.

Practical, useful and growing. Undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to instant messaging and exchange of video calling. Now that closes its Messenger service and passed to Skype, continues to increase its number of downloads. Totally agree with the post.

skype 2012



Game of the Year

iPhone : Apalabrados.

Entertaining, funny and very addictive. In short, what about this game that has not been said already. It caused a boom in the world of smartphones that few were saved. Very strongly agree with the post.

apalabrados 2012

iPad : Super Hexagon.

Because of its great difficulty, but also quality. This is a game that will challenge you to levels of alertness to very complicated trial. According to the opinions, as complicated as addictive. So much so that as you start understanding the type of game and ends up being a vice. We perhaps had we chosen another game known, although it is true that we have not been winning fans.

super hexagon 2012

Best App of the Year

iPhone : Action Movie FX.

Matches the same position and rank in the U.S. list. As we say, we have not used too, but it is a reality that is enjoying it very much.

action movie 2012

iPad : Magazine Hi.

Practice and sought, apparently. Although the reviews in the App Store talk about bugs and small errors in the app, the magazine is the top spot for iPad. Surprised, the less. Maybe we expected some office or productivity tool for the device.

hola 2012

And here the prizes. Finally ... Have you taken any surprises? Modificaríais? Any winner?

You can download the apps that interest you on the links below.

Rayman Jungle Run | The Room | Action Movie FX

Paper | WhatsApp Messenger | Angry Birds HD Space

Youtube | Skype | Apalabrados

Super Hexagon | HELLO!

You can also extend the information in iTunes.

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