Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Apple patented a new tray for SIM card

patente tarjeta sim Apple patenta una nueva bandeja para las tarjetas SIM

Although he repeatedly changed the SIM card format supported by iPhone, Apple does not break this important component in their design. The latest patent filed this week in the Trademark Office and U.S. Patent and Apple shows qu still working to improve this element.

The document, titled as "mini-SIM connector" (though now in the iPhone 5 and we meet with the Nano SIM) describes a tray designed to look SIM card full telephone operator. This new system will protect the card from damage in the event of the user entering it in the slot incorrectly. It also has a small bar that would remove the mini SIM card quickly and conveniently, also without damaging it.

The website Engadget shows that this system SIM card eject and was patented by Apple in the past, so that, in future models of the iPhone could see the idea applied finish. The objective is that the user can manipulate this element easily and without damage at any time.

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Source- Engadget

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